Twigs & Gravel

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Twigs and Gravel are textured shawls created with Sequence Knitting, and designed by the inventor of Sequence Knitting - Cecelia Campochiaro.  Both shawls use the shaped 1-row method, so every row is worked the same with the sequence.  Increases or decreases at the end of each row create the shaping.  

This design includes two methods for each shawl: a long edge first method and a short edge first method.  So you can decide whether you want to decrease each row or increase each row!

Our model is in Gravel, knit in BC Garn Alba Color EB024.

Twigs & Gravel each use a repeat of knit and purl stitches, along with a decrease or increase each row, so if you already know how to knit and purl, this could be a great next project for you to test drive Sequence Knitting.  And since you are repeating the same stitch pattern every row, it's a very portable project.

About Cecelia Campochiaro

Cecilia appeared on the knitting scene in 2015 with her debut book, Sequence Knitting.  Knitting had been a loved hobby until she had an "ah-ha" moment in 2010, and realized that textured fabrics could be created by the simple repetition of a sequence of stitches.  This idea of "sequence knitting" then evolved into mindful knitting that creates textured, reversible fabrics.  Today, she is fully dedicated to "unventing" new ways to make amazing knit fabrics.  Until recently, she also applied her PhD in Physical Chemistry to develop specialized microscopes used in computer chip manufacturing, and while in school, she studied drawing, printmaking, ceramics, and photography.  She lives in Silicon Valley.