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How do I find the videos for a design (or pattern) I purchased?

There are two ways to access the digital versions of our designs (or patterns) on our website.  First, though, you must be logged in to your account; you had to create an account to make a purchase.

1)   After logging in, use the 'search' function in the upper right hand corner, and search for the pattern name.  A 'digital design' version of the pattern will be unlocked for you.  You can use that through your tablet, computer or phone to click through to the relevant videos.

2)  After logging in, go to the 'Purchased Patterns' menu under 'Shop' -- 'Designs'.  You will find it there too, though you may have to toggle through an empty page or two to find it (there is an explanation here that we are working to fix!).

Will you wind the hanks of yarn I've purchased into balls?

Yes!  We offer a free ball winding service for our customers.  We'll wind hanks into center-pull balls - please select this option at checkout.

Please note that yarn wound into balls (either by you or by us) is not returnable.  Yarn can be returned if it is in its original packaging and condition.