Row House sources its yarns from artisans who monitor the sourcing of their fibers.  They take care to use fibers only from well-treated animals, and they also act environmentally responsibly in different ways by minimizing the use of chemicals, re-using water, using recycled materials (including in yarn), and sourcing locally when possible.  Each artisan decides how to balance these issues for themselves, but the core principle that everyone commits to is that the animals whose fiber is used for our yarns must be well-treated.

We also seek to source our needles and notions from sustainable sources where possible.  We will continue to monitor our products and sourcing and will look to continue to improve our products to lessen our environmental impact where we can.

Finally, the core of Row House is you.  We have developed KnitSchool - an innovative method of digital learning designed to fit into your busy lives - to inspire you on your schedule.  Our community activities will be built around places and events that we think will allow you to connect with people, be creative, and have some fun.  Just as Row House's founders met at a knitting night, we hope that you will make some lifelong friends through Row House.