We first met at a knitting meet-up, or Stitch and Bitch, at a pub in London back in 2005 over a glass of wine and a pint of beer. We bonded over knitting and being expats together, and we became friends. During our nights at the pub, we made lifelong friends, taught new skills, corrected mistakes, and tried new things.

We both eventually ended up in California. Alison, an animator in a former life, moved to Northern California with her husband in 2010. In 2011 she decided to move away from animation to stay home with her two young sons. Cheryl, a fashion lawyer, moved back in 2011 and is now in LA, which has inspired her to focus on lace knitting.

When Cheryl found herself between jobs in 2016, she developed the core idea of Row House. She had been thinking of a knitting business for quite awhile. She approached Alison with the idea, and the two of us decided to launch Row House together.

We've each taught many people to knit over the years, and the knitting community is an important part of our lives. We love discovering new and unique colors and fibers. We also think it's important to support artisans who care about the humane treatment of animals, use of sustainable fibers, and local production.

Row House brings everything we love together to create a special place for those who already love knitting, and those who want to learn.

Please pour yourself something to drink, sit down, relax, and join us.

Cheryl & Alison