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Notes From The Road

The Big Apple

If you've been following along on Instagram, you know that I was in New York this past week.  I am the legal lecturer for XRC Labs.  It's a start-up accelerator in New York City focused on the retail and consumer space.  Their 3rd group of companies just started the program.

I've advised start-ups before, and it is always interesting.  The founders are focused on doing something new and breaking new ground.  It stretches and challenges me.

Now that I've founded Row House, the issues and challenges facing new companies are very top of mind.  And I hope that I was able to help each of them in some small way.

Design Planning!

While in NYC, I also met with one of our designers, who has a day job in a fashion house.  We started planning our design goals for Row House in the coming months.  It's one of the most fun and rewarding parts of my role.

Of course, we'd love your input.  If there are particular garments or items you'd like to see, or yarns, or new skills you'd like to learn, please do email me at  

We want to inspire you!

Next up . . . .

Merry Olde England

This morning I arrived in London - the next stop on my trip.  I lived here for 6 1/2 years (and it's where Alison and I met).  

I just love coming back to see good friends.  I don't sightsee - I just enjoy being with friends.

There's something about the history and beauty of the city that resonates with me.  Maybe it's that I was a theater major in college.  It is the home of Shakespeare after all.  Or perhaps I was a Brit in a former life ;)

I will, though, be doing a bit of "work" while I'm in town.  I have plans to meet with the amazing Erika Knight, whose yarn and designs we carry.  I'm excited to meet her and see what we can plan for you.

Of course, I'll send along updates.  Though perhaps not about how much time I've spent in the pub with friends!

In the meantime, stay warm, knit true to gauge*, and treat everyone with kindness. 


*If you want to know what "knitting true to gauge" means, take a look at our Knitting FAQs.


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