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Free shipping on Us orders over $100.


Row House is now open for business, and I am so excited to have you join us.  I’ve been a knitter for years.  I knit through late nights working at big law firms, and then through a move overseas to be the general counsel of a luxury goods group.  I knit through my role as chief legal officer of the company that created the conscious capitalism business model.  And I knit after I left that company.  

Over the years, I have had many frustrations with the knitting industry.  I had a hard time finding the yarns I wanted, and getting the amount I needed once I did find them.  I had a hard time getting to places to buy yarn when they were open, because I worked full-time at a demanding job.  And I had a hard time finding places to connect with other knitters that fit into my lifestyle.

When I moved to London, a new knitting group was forming at a pub in Notting Hill.  Those Monday nights led to a lifelong friendship with my Row House co-founder, Alison. 
Our London group had some experienced knitter regulars, like me and Alison, but plenty of new knitters.  There were also people who knew how to do the basics but had questions about projects they wanted to make.  I found that most of my Mondays at the pub were taken up with helping others learn new skills.  The knitting industry just wasn’t able to help people learn in a way that worked for them.  

I found the exact same situation when I went to a knitting group in LA a couple of years ago.  Earlier this year, after I left my job, I got serious about seeing what problems I could solve for knitters and wanna-be knitters.  

I saw how we could use the power of the digital world to solve problems for knitters.  We’re not the first to try, but I think we are approaching it from an entirely new angle.  I used my years in fashion retail, my years working with a digitally focused consumer brand, and my years as a knitter to create Row House.  Row House is a place where new knitters will feel welcomed and where experienced knitters will find unique fibers and colors that will inspire them.

I hope you’ll enjoy what you see, and you can always reach out to me at with feedback, comments, and suggestions.  I can’t promise we will do everything you’d like, but I can promise to listen and work to deliver the most enriching experience I can.

-- Cheryl

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