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Knitting Life (with small children)

Knitting, and really all fiber arts, have followed me through my life.  My mother holds a doctorate in textiles, so I grew up in a house overflowing with quilts, with a full sized loom set up in the living room and some creative endeavour always on the go.  She taught me to quilt, crochet, tatt, sew and finally to knit.  

Like all passions knitting has come and gone in my life over time.  As many of us do I tend to set it aside during the warm seasons and pick projects back up during the cold ones.  But it’s always come back.  I knit through football games with my soon to be in-laws (I do not like sports).  I knit through meeting new friends after moving to a country with my then fiance where I knew no one else.  I knit through long grey days in London wishing for sun.  I reached for the needles when my belly was big with my boys working furiously in that last month to make the smallest of hats to bring them home in.  I’ve knit mittens too big and sweaters too small and eventually most things just right.  

Knitting is such a wonderful adventure in texture, creativity and meditation.  I love the un-ending nature of it.  There’s always another project waiting in the wings.  There’s also the chance that at any point I might change my mind & frog my current piece, maybe to change the pattern, or the fit or maybe because I’ve just decided to do something else.  Knitting is forgiving that way.  It always allows for errors to be corrected or embraced.  You can be as precise and perfect as you choose, or like me you can embrace the fluid nature of things & view each piece as a learning opportunity.

Lately I have found knitting to be an added source of comfort.  My world is one of constant chaos (as most peoples are).  I have two small children, a husband who works full-time & I recently decided to help start a business…  There are dishes and piles of laundry and crafts all over my house ALL. THE. TIME. But, the knitting is one of the few things the kids seem to leave alone and recognize as just mine.  I can knit while I sit with them in the bath.  I can knit through back to school nights and fundraiser talks.  Slowly, (very slowly) projects take form & eventually are completed.  And I am left with both a sense of tangible accomplishment and a beautiful item to wrap up in.   

I am so proud to be here to help bring Row House to life.  The ideals that we embrace of sustainability, creativity and learning are so very important to me.  I hope you will join us on this journey, it’s going to be a fun one.

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