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Say Hello to Stripes: The Baby Blanket

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Say Hello to Stripes: The Baby Blanket

We think Beginners should be excited about their first projects, so we've been developing design ideas for Beginners that look a whole lot more special.  Here's our latest Beginner Design - we call it Stripes: The Baby Blanket.  It's sold in a Kit, so you'll have everything you need.

If you're just picking up needles for the first time, Stripes will teach you how to knit and purl.  And you'll make a special blanket for a special baby.  We think it will be the "wubbie" for hip babies.

You'll change colors when you change balls of yarn, and it's an easy skill that our video will walk you through.  Just because you're a Beginner doesn't mean you can't knit with more than one color.

We've designed Stripes using Erika Knight's Cotton Gossypium, so it's a lighter weight blanket that can be used in all year long.  Our sample was made in our Original colorway.  Pick your colorway and get going!