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London, Erika Knight, Next Stop - Philly

London, Erika Knight, Next Stop - Philly

We're  a little late in posting this!  A note from Cheryl -

I'm headed to Heathrow and thought I'd post a note about the London leg of my journey.

I stayed in one of my old neighborhoods - Marylebone - right in the middle of London, and just around the corner from The Marylebone pub.  I visited some of my favorite places, including my favorite Japanese restaurant anywhere - Sakana Tei, 11 Maddox Street.  The owners still feel like family, even though I haven't lived in London for 5 years!

I saw so many good friends, though a few were out of town.  And spent way too much time in the pub :)  I'm bringing back a few favorites from Rococo Chocolates (at least some of the chocolate is for gifts) and The White Company.

And I walked around a bit taking in London.  Now that I live in LA, I also love taking the tube - it sure beats traffic.    

Erika Knight Visit

On Tuesday, I took a day trip to Brighton (a seaside town south of London) to meet Erika Knight and her assistant Arabella.  They took me to Pelicano Roastery - a wonderful coffee shop with amazing sandwiches and cakes.  We were just barely able to restrain ourselves and stay away from the cakes!

They shared Erika's inspiration boards for her upcoming design collections.  I can't wait to see her modern interpretations of classic knitwear patterns, and I think you will love them.  

They also gave me samples of her new colorways.  The colors are fresh additions to her existing palettes, many of which were inspired by Shibori.  I'm already thinking about potential new Row House designs that will incorporate them and inspire you.  

We'll be sharing all of this with you as soon as we can!  I guess we'll need to shoot some new yarn pyramids . . . .

Now, I'm off to Philly for the last stop on this trip.  I'm getting a little lonely for my own bed.

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