Knit Your Nest - Our Nap Time Pillow Design

Knit Your Nest - Our Nap Time Pillow Design

We love making our home cosier, and we bet you do, too.  We designed the Nap Time Pillow to let us do two of our favorite things - knit and nest.  It's one of our Beginner Tutorial Designs, so if you've been wanting to learn to knit, this will teach you - the design links directly to our skills videos in our KnitSchool.

It's designed using Greenwood Hill Farm Merino in Worsted Weight (Worsted is the thickness of the yarn).  Greenwood Hill Farm raises registered Merino sheep, and you can learn more about them here.  They raise 2 colors of sheep and then spin those fleeces into 4 colors - White, Silver, Slate, and Chocolate.  No dyes or chemicals are used in this yarn.  And the quality of the Merino is pretty darn special!

The finished Design is a 14" by 14" pillow cover - no zippers, buttons, or sewing machine necessary.  Our Kit will include everything you need to make your pillow cover - just pick your colors.  It doesn't include the pillow form - you can get one at a local craft store.

Once you're done, it'll be the perfect place to rest your head and take a nap.

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