Our mission is to bring the joy of knitting to all, digitally.  We know that people learn in many different ways, so in addition to our tutorial patterns and skill videos, we are holding OfficeHours.

OfficeHours is a weekly online group videochat.  It'll be every Tuesdays 5pm - 6pm (pacific time) and Thursdays 8pm - 9pm (pacific time).  You'll need to sign up to access the videochat, and you can do so by CLICKING HERE.  To keep the quality of the video at it's best we will be limiting the number of students to 7 at a time.

OfficeHours will be staffed by a knitting teacher, who will try to answer as many questions as possible.  It's not intended to substitute for lessons but to answer quicker, easier questions or share ideas.  

If your question is more complex, you may need to book a lesson.  CLICK HERE to book a lesson.